The water main break that occurred yesterday afternoon just outside DoubleGate to our east on State Bridge Road has been Read more
A tree fell across Bannergate, blocking the road. However, the JCFD and PD made quick work of it in the Read more
There is a water main break on State Bridge Road between Twingate Drive and the creek. Traffic is open but Read more
Waste Management will resume regular service on June 11th including collecting yard waste, etc. outside of your bins. Read more
High school and college graduates from DoubleGate will drive their cars in a Senior Parade along Twingate Drive this Saturday, Read more
Dear Neighbor, The DoubleGate Homeowners Association has received multiple concerns from neighbors regarding their neighbor's dog(s) barking excessively while outside. Read more
The following email was sent by Waste Management on 3/23/2020: Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Federal and State Declarations Read more
As the second billboard is being installed at the Medlock Bridge/State Bridge intersection, you may have some questions that could Read more
The 2020 edition of the DoubleGate community directory will be printed soon. The deadline to make changes to your information Read more
A very friendly coon hound named Zeke went missing form a Kennebec home today. Please call (770) 851-2418 if you Read more