Water Main Break Repair Update

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The water main break that occurred yesterday afternoon just outside DoubleGate to our east on State Bridge Road has been repaired. This was a Fulton County repair, but our Johns Creek Planning Director, Lynette Baker, was onsight last evening when Fulton County arrived and has monitored this throughout today. JC Police have been on the scene for safety the past 24 hours and the JC Fire Department has checked nearby hydrants multiple times during the 24 hour period to ensure there was no loss of water pressure should there be a fire. A water main break seems mundane, but it was impressive to see the City resources committed to help ensure timely repair and our safety.

The main has been repaired and the structural integrity of State Bridge Road has been reinforced. For runners, walkers, cyclers, etc, please know the sidewalk has not been repaired as of yet. Sidewalk repair is expected to be worked on sometime next week so please be a little extra cautious when traveling along this section of sidewalk.