Trick or Treat 2020

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The safety of our residents is always our primary concern on Halloween evening with so many people on our streets but this year brings us new and hopefully unique safety challenges. To respect those that do not feel comfortable participating this year, and to ensure everyone’s safety as much as possible, please note the following guidelines:

• Hours: 6:30-8:30pm
Only visit those homes with front porch lights ON.
• Please wear a mask before ringing doorbells.
• Driver’s and Pedestrians please be extra cautious on our streets on this night. There is a lot of activity on our streets on this night.

If you plan to distribute candy during Trick or Treat hours:
• Please have your front porch light turned ON.
• Please wear a mask when distributing candy.
• Please drop candy directly into the kid’s bags.
• Consider alternatives such as sitting outside, spreading candy out on a table and letting the children select.

If you DO NOT wish to distribute candy:
• KEEP YOUR FRONT PORCH LIGHT OFF, so no one will ring your doorbell.

Participation is your personal choice. We just ask that everyone please respect the guidelines and above all else be respectful of each other during this fun evening.

Halloween Pizza Social – The Swim and Tennis Board decided there will be no Halloween Social Pizza Gathering this year as there are too many risks with the food and the historically large crowds. Instead, during the trick or treat hours, there will be 4-5 “Boo Stops” in the neighborhood marked by orange and black balloons. Individually wrapped snacks, waters and other safety “glow and blinky” items will be available to help everyone stay hydrated, safe, and tummies full while having fun!

We wish all our DoubleGate neighbors a Safe and Happy Halloween!