All DoubleGate Homeowners Association members with a graduating student (high school or college) are invited to have their student’s name appear on the annual DoubleGate graduation banner. Banners will be posted this spring at each subdivision entrance. If you have not yet joined the HOA this year but would like to have your graduate's name appear on the banner, click HERE to join now. Important: Click HERE to review the graduation banner policy change. If you were not an HOA member any year since 2017 (or for new residents, the year you moved to DoubleGate), you will need to make "catch up" payments. The deadline for submitting your graduate's name is April 19th!.

Spread the word!

If you know of a neighbor with a graduating student, remind them to register their graduate using this web page. Graduate submissions are moderated, recently submitted graduates will appear on the following list after they have been approved. If you need to make changes to a previously submitted graduate, please use the Contact Us form.

Congratulations to the DoubleGate Class of 2021!

Name of Graduate Graduating From
Steve Arriola High School
Cassidy ElGomayel High School
Kate Hoben High School
Jacob Jacovetty High School
Noelle Morse High School
Kristine Soehus High School
Allie ElGomayel College – University of Georgia
Graduation Banner Names

If your graduate is not shown above and you have not recently submitted a graduate form, please fill out and submit the form below. If your family has more than one graduate this year, submit the following form once for each graduating student. Please note that only those students who are graduating from college will have their college/university name or athletic logo displayed on the banner (space permitting). We do not record what high school students graduate from or the college they will be attending.

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To expedite approval, please enter the email address that you use to receive HOA email.
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e.g. UGA, Auburn, Georgia Tech, etc.