All DoubleGate Homeowners Association members with a graduating student (high school or college) are invited to have their student’s name appear on the annual DoubleGate graduation banner. Banners will be posted this spring at each subdivision entrance. If you have not yet joined the HOA this year but would like to have your graduate's name appear on the banner, click HERE to join now. Important: Click HERE to review the graduation banner policy change. If you were not an HOA member any year since 2017 (or for new residents, the year you moved to DoubleGate), you will need to make "catch up" payments. The deadline for submitting your graduate's name is April 15th!.

Spread the word!

If you know of a neighbor with a graduating student, remind them to register their graduate using this web page. Graduate submissions are moderated, recently submitted graduates will appear on the following list after they have been approved. If you need to make changes to a previously submitted graduate, please use the Contact Us form.

Congratulations to the DoubleGate Class of 2023!

Name of Graduate Graduating From
Ben Barrett High School
Stephanie Carr High School
Tushmi Chauhan High School
Riya Chavan High School
Edson Crawford High School
Evan DeHart High School
Veronica du Plessis High School
Mason Eaton High School
Merrick Edmondson High School
Karen Gao High School
Kevin Garrett High School
Jake Gilmore High School
Lance Heydinger High School
Graham Hill High School
Sara Hoben High School
Reagan Horton High School
Caitlyn Jacovetty High School
Paul Kim High School
Will Lipsitz High School
Megan Lockhart High School
Lilly Meyer High School
Colby Monroe High School
Sam Oppenheimer High School
Ella Press High School
Luke Richards High School
Ava Rinehart High School
Rachel Rothman High School
Grant Roy High School
Riley Sandifer High School
Samantha Scruggs High School
Romina Shayan High School
Austin Smith High School
Brady Spak High School
Drew Tostenson High School
Oscar Treverton High School
Ava Vaks High School
Sarah Waldner High School
Caroline White High School
James Belnap College – BYU. Brigham Young University
Alexander Borsuk College – UGA
Logan Bowers College – Georgia Tech
Lydia Butler College – UNG
Tyler Heydinger College – UGA
Jack Hoben College – UGA
Clara Kidney College – Georgia State
Erin Sumin Lee College – Carnegie Mellon University
Micah Lingle College – Georgia Tech
Andrew Mach College – UGA
Maura McLynn College – UGA
Sydney Petrie College – UGA
John Posa College – UGA
Kennedy Robinson College – Ole Miss
Kyle Sutherland College – UGA
Amy Rose Tortoriello College – GSU Georgia Southern Univ.
Ava Wonn College – UGA

Graduation banner signup has ended.