"Green Sheets" are what the DoubleGate Homeowner's Association uses for communication purposes. A Greens Sheet is literally a green sheet of paper that contains your family's information as we know it and are mailed to each resident during the month of November as part of our annual membership drive. Residents are asked to add or correct the information on the Green Sheet and return it (by mail it or drop it off in the black HOA mailbox) to the address of the current HOA treasurer which is printed on the Green Sheet.

If you have not already returned your annual Green Sheet or have recently moved into DoubleGate, please use the Green Sheet Request form below to have a new Green Sheet delivered to you so that we can update your contact information. The Homeowners Association uses email as its primary method of communication. To ensure that your family receives the maximum benefit of your HOA membership, be sure to add your email address to the Green Sheet that you return to us and you will be added to our email distribution list. If you are a new DoubleGate resident, please check the "I am a new DoubleGate resident" box to enter additional information.

Green Sheet Request
Welcome to DoubleGate! Please fill out the following additional information that will appear on the Green Sheet that we will send to you.

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Child's birth year information (optional) is used for social event planning purposes and is not published.