Buice Road Entrance Lighing

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The Buice Road entrance to DoubleGate is currently using 120VAC lighting to illuminate the monuments and trees. We are looking at replacing the existing lighting system with a low voltage commercial grade lighting system. There is an existing line voltage … Continued

What?? DoubleGate has an HOA?

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While most DoubleGate residents do know the answer to that question and support the HOA with their annual membership, there are some residents who do not know that DoubleGate does in fact have an active homeowners association. The DoubleGate HOA … Continued

Report Streetlight Problems

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If you see a streetlight not working properly (blinks on and off, stays on 24 hours, too bright/dim or is completely out), please use the following online form to report it. Most street light poles in DoubleGate have an identification … Continued