New Sign Policy in Effect

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The DoubleGate HOA, at the request of our membership, strives to maintain our neighborhood entrances in a clean and attractive manner to help showcase our neighborhood in the Johns Creek community.

Our entrances are not intended to be used for marketing and solicitation. On a recent weekend we had 13 signs in the grounds at the State Bridge entrance and 6 signs in the grounds at Buice. These signs were spread randomly in the grass and the planted beds, some had balloons attached and one of which was advertising for an event to occur in another 2 months. This particular weekend was a bit unusual, but certainly there has been a trend occurring where our entrances have had a number of signs, including some of which are simply placed and left well after an event occurs and it falls on a volunteer to go purge the signage.

The signs are unattractive and create issues each week for our landscape provider to work around, including either mowing around the signs, or removing and replacing the signs. Given the abundance of ways to get information on real estate, children’s camps, or events in the surrounding community, we believe that it is reasonable to limit the need to place signs on our neighborhood entrances. None of our board members would like 10 signs placed in our front yards by unknown parties, so it seems reasonable to try to limit this behavior at the first impression of our neighborhood.

Rules regarding Signage and Placement Thereof on property maintained by the DoubleGate HOA:

Sign Rules

The following rules are applicable to all signs placed on any property maintained by the DoubleGate HOA, which as of this date include the Twingate/Buice Road neighborhood entrance and the Twingate/State Bridge Road neighborhood entrance.

  1. For Sale signs and Garage Sale signs as well as other signage (e.g. camps, events, etc.) used for advertising will not be permitted to be displayed at either entrance of the DoubleGate subdivision (Buice Road & State Bridge Road).
  2. Directional signs for weekend marketing activity such as an “Open House” or a mid-week Agent Luncheon (Broker’s Open) may be used provided:
    1. The homeowner is an HOA member in good standing
    2. The signs only state “Open House” with an arrow
    3. Signs can be placed up to 2 days prior to the day of the event only. Signs must be removed by 8 pm the same day as the event
    4. Balloons or any type of Flare shall NOT be attached to signs
    5. One sign will be permitted and should be placed in the grass near the sidewalk
  3. The HOA will provide information and clarification to homeowners and listing brokers/agents as
  4. Estate Sale signs are permitted but can only be put up for 3 days (Friday-Sunday) – HOA members only.
  5. The HOA shall enforce these rules and regulations and remove any non-conforming signs as required.
    Signs that are removed will be held by the HOA for 7 days and then destroyed.
  6. Exceptions may be granted with prior approval from the HOA.
  7. Anyone posting signs that do not conform to this policy will be notified upon removal. If the same
    individual/agent/organization continues to place signs in violation of the policy, the signs will be
    immediately removed and destroyed. We hope such action would not be necessary, but if someone should have such disregard for our neighborhood property, then we will enforce this protocol.
  8. Any homeowner posting a sign for other purposes ie: garage sale will have the sign removed and notified.
  9. If there are any questions regarding this policy, please direct them to

We would also encourage anyone placing signs inside our neighborhood to be considerate of our neighbors and ensure that if you are placing a temporary sign in a yard other than your own, you appropriately ask your neighbor before placing a sign in their yard. That’s the neighborly thing to do.

Thanks in advance for doing your part to keep DoubleGate beautiful!