New School Zone for Perimeter Church along Old Alabama Road

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The City of Johns Creek installed new school zone signs that restrict speed to 25 MPH on Old Alabama Road from 141 to just west of Buice Road. The school zone signs have the flashing lights to alert drivers when the speed restriction is active. The city did not install school zone signs on 141 or Medlock Crossing even though these streets have entrances to the school. While everyone adjusts to the new school zone, be careful of drivers who are not aware of the speed restriction. The HOA spoke with the city regarding this new school zone and was told that Perimeter Church met all of the requirements for the school zone speed restriction. The HOA did mention that the sign location was difficult to see when making a right turn off of 141 onto Old Alabama, the city may consider making additional changes to better alert drivers of the new school zone. The HOA also mentioned that there was no "end school zone" sign on Buice Road.