Light Bulb Info

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Large lights that illuminate "DoubleGate" signs at Buice Road entrance:

  • 100W
  • pulse start metal halide bulb
  • requires a M90 lighting ballast to operate
  • rated for enclosed lighting fixtures.
  • preferred color temperature: 3200K
  • 2.4" diameter
  • 5.44" length
  • "Enclosed" E26 Medium Screw Base (but can also use "open" O26 medium screw base bulb)
  • West monument bulb replaced on 11/8/17:
  • Possible replacements:
  • Osram/Sylvania 64417
  • GE 12381
  • Philips 42367-3
  • Venture Lighting 96770
  • Hard to find equivalent bulb at Home Depot or Lowes (some Lowes stores still may carry the Sylvania bulb), best to order online and have one on hand


Bulbs that are used in wall fixtures next to gates at State Bridge Road entrance:

Glass globe on light fixtures mounted to gate walls at State Bridge: