The DoubleGate Homeowners Association uses Stripe as our secure online payment processor. This includes one-time online payments and HOA AutoPay automatic payments.

Each year, Stripe sends an email to all HOA AutoPay subscribers reminding of their upcoming automatic HOA membership renewal. This email is typically sent on or about November 1st each year, renewals are processed on or about November 7th.

If you have any issues regarding HOA AutoPay, please send an email to

Typical issues include:

    • You received an email from Stripe indicating your HOA membership subscription could not be renewed successfully
    • You moved and need to cancel your HOA AutoPay subscription
    • You need to change your credit card information stored by Stripe
    • You want to cancel your HOA AutoPay subscription

The HOA does not store credit card information on the website, this is done by Stripe.