Graduation Banner Policy Change

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Beginning in 2017 (or for new residents, the year that you moved to DoubleGate), households will need to maintain uninterrupted annual Homeowners Association membership in order for their future graduate’s name to appear on the annual DoubleGate HOA graduation banner. Membership prior to 2017 is not be required. For example, if a household has a student graduating from high school or college in 2023, they will need to have been DoubleGate Homeowners Association members every year from 2017 through 2023. Homeowners who moved into DoubleGate after 2017 would only need to maintain uninterrupted HOA membership back to and including their move-in year. The purpose of this change is to encourage those residents who join the Homeowners Association only in years when their household has a graduating student to become long term members and to reward our loyal HOA members.

Maintaining beautiful entrances to DoubleGate benefits every homeowner, we feel that every homeowner should contribute by joining the HOA each year.

To join the HOA or to make a "Catch-Up" membership payment for any missing years, visit .