Buice Road Sidewalk Update

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The following information was sent from the City of Johns Creek:

Construction Project Update: Buice Road sidewalk

The Buice Road sidewalk project fills a connectivity gap along the northern side of the roadway between Twingate Drive and Kingston Crossing Circle. The project also includes a substantial stormwater drainage upgrade.

The sidewalk installation serves as an important community connection, adding to the more than 96 miles of sidewalks and trails in Johns Creek. As an emerging leader in health, wellness, and innovation, Johns Creek continues to implement opportunities for incorporating a healthy lifestyle and improved quality of life in our community.

Two additional sidewalk gaps along Buice Road (one over the Buice Road bridge and one from Spruill Road to Johns Creek) are in the engineering phase.

Latest Update:

The black silt fencing has been installed for erosion control to protect neighboring properties from silt and sediment runoff from the construction site. The pine trees have been cleared and removed. The stumps will be removed as part of the land disturbance to follow the relocation of utilities.

What's Ahead:

September & October: Underground utilities will be relocated.


The project is expected to be completed this winter.