Board Officer Paper Ballot Request

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Each fall, DoubleGate HOA member households will have the opportunity to vote for officers to serve on the DoubleGate Homeowners Association Board of Directors for the upcoming year. HOA members will receive an email with a link to vote for officers and to volunteer or as a committee chairperson. The Bylaws require that officers be elected, no election is necessary to serve as a committee chairperson, chairpersons may simply volunteer to serve.

If you are an HOA member for whom we do not have an email address or did not receive the email and would like to cast a vote, you may request a paper ballot by filling out the form below.

Only one ballot per household will be recorded so please consult with other members of your household before casting your ballot. If multiple ballots are received from a given household, only those votes on the first ballot cast will be recorded.

Voting for 2025 DoubleGate HOA Board of Director officers will be open from the day the ballot email is sent and will close the end of the day on Monday, November 13th, 2024

Voting for DoubleGate HOA board officers is now closed.