Bark! Bark!

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Dear Neighbor,

The DoubleGate Homeowners Association has received multiple concerns from neighbors regarding their neighbor's dog(s) barking excessively while outside. This isn't occasional barking, but incessant barking. It is not uncommon for us to hear this concern, but multiple concerns in short order coincides with our students now doing school work and testing at home and parents now trying to work and teleconference from home. Even the dog owner is trying to do work and therefore puts the dog outside for quiet inside the home, but you've just moved the problem to your neighbor.

Please be more conscientious about managing your dog's behavior and considerate of your neighbors during these challenging times. Unfortunately, this issue can escalate to unintended consequences so it is one to stay in front of to manage.

We appreciate everyone's patience and understanding during these difficult times.

Stay safe.