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What is HOA AutoPay?

HOA AutoPay allows you to make your HOA membership payment online using your credit card with no convenience fee. By signing up for HOA AutoPay, your annual HOA membership will be automatically renewed each year at the prevailing full year resident dues amount on or about November 7th each year without paying a convenience fee. HOA AutoPay is an optional feature. Payments made by cash or check will not incur a convenience fee.


To receive the HOA AutoPay discount,

  • Select "Credit Card" as your Payment Method
  • Select "Sign me up for HOA AutoPay"
  • Agree to the "HOA AutoPay Terms & Conditions"

HOA AutoPay discounts only apply to current membership year payments and all future automatic HOA membership renewals made with HOA AutoPay. HOA AutoPay discounts do not apply to prior year "catch-up" payments or to other items sold on this website.

HOA AutoPay Terms & Conditions:

I authorize the DoubleGate Homeowners Association to, on an annual basis, automatically charge the credit card account I specified to renew my membership in the DoubleGate Homeowners Association. The amount charged will be the prevailing cost of full year resident DoubleGate Homeowners Association membership and will not include any additional online payment processing fees. The DoubleGate Homeowners Association will initiate the charge on or about November 7th of each year and will be applied to membership in the DoubleGate Homeowners Association for the following calendar year. I understand that this authorization to pay the DoubleGate homeowners Association by recurring charges is entirely optional and is not required to become a member of the DoubleGate Homeowners Association. This authorization is to remain in force and effect until terminated by me or the DoubleGate Homeowners Association. By participating in HOA AutoPay, I agree to receive future annual dues notifications electronically via the email address that I have provided to the DoubleGate Homeowners Association. I agree to notify the DoubleGate Homeowners Association of any changes to my mailing address and/or email address by sending an email to I have the right to terminate my enrollment in HOA AutoPay at any time by emailing from the email address account used to originally enroll in HOA AutoPay and that my HOA AutoPay enrollment will terminated once I receive acknowledgment from the DoubleGate Homeowners Association treasurer.