The following 359 residents were HOA members in 2017:

700 Apsley Way: Darin and Jennifer Wonn
710 Apsley Way: Erica and Matt Mabe
715 Apsley Way: Feng Gao and Kanyan Xiao
720 Apsley Way: Robert and Lynda Beebe
725 Apsley Way: Roger and Susan King
730 Apsley Way: Chuck and Bonnie Hoppin
735 Apsley Way: Xiaoyao Dou
745 Apsley Way: John and Anne DiMarco
750 Apsley Way: Visvesh Sathe and Gauri Joglekar
755 Apsley Way: Mona ElGomayel
760 Apsley Way: Chuck and Lisa Meiers
770 Apsley Way: Jo Ann Yoon
775 Apsley Way: Ed and Teresa Holcomb
780 Apsley Way: Mike and Ashley Barba
790 Apsley Way: Chuck and Carol Steiner
800 Apsley Way: Sang Min and Nayoung Chang
5210 Bannergate Drive: Christopher and Maranda Curl
5215 Bannergate Drive: Peter and Karen Dvornek
5220 Bannergate Drive: Virginia J. Jones
5255 Bannergate Drive: Theodore and Deborah Jaeger
5260 Bannergate Drive: Jason and Julie Ingraham
5265 Bannergate Drive: Lewanne Fenty and Phyllis Nelson
5275 Bannergate Drive: Jamie and Lauren Osborne
5305 Bannergate Drive: Lee (Paul) and Darlita Young
5315 Bannergate Drive: Mark and Jodi Richards
5320 Bannergate Drive: Neil and Jennifer Solarsh
5325 Bannergate Drive: David and Julie Anderson
5330 Bannergate Drive: Michael Pugh and Tenise Cook
5335 Bannergate Drive: Jim and Ney Teate
5340 Bannergate Drive: Current Resident
5345 Bannergate Drive: Michael and Lauren Aletraris
5355 Bannergate Drive: Eric and Trish Witcher
5365 Bannergate Drive: Melanie Hall
5375 Bannergate Drive: Frank and Laura Mara
5380 Bannergate Drive: Mark Roundtree
5385 Bannergate Drive: Bernie and LuAnn Garrison
5390 Bannergate Drive: Allison and Mark Donovan
5395 Bannergate Drive: Chanel and Jan Van Reenen
5400 Bannergate Drive: Jean Reeves
5405 Bannergate Drive: Michael and Vicky Murphy
5410 Bannergate Drive: Aubry and J.R. Canales
5420 Bannergate Drive: David and Jan Carter
5430 Bannergate Drive: Adam and Erica Bullard
5435 Bannergate Drive: Michael and Jackie Shunick
5440 Bannergate Drive: Jennifer and Mike Barnhouse
5445 Bannergate Drive: Bill and Jennifer Oppenheimer
5455 Bannergate Drive: Florentino and Vivian Valle
5465 Bannergate Drive: Spencer and Andrea Baker
5475 Bannergate Drive: Sam and Sally Moore
5495 Bannergate Drive: Trey and Edith Abernathy
5500 Bannergate Drive: Anthony and Dawn Pham
5505 Bannergate Drive: Christopher and Heather Donaldson
5510 Bannergate Drive: Tracey and Jeff Scholen
5515 Bannergate Drive: Preston and Kathee Sheppard
5520 Bannergate Drive: Jeff and Christie Otis
5525 Bannergate Drive: Ashley and Anthony Jarc
5530 Bannergate Drive: Ira and Mary Waldschmidt
5535 Bannergate Drive: Davis and Janie Butler
5545 Bannergate Drive: Shu Jia and Shu-Wen Teng
5555 Bannergate Drive: Mark and Connie Bowers
5565 Bannergate Drive: William and Julia Todd
5575 Bannergate Drive: David and Erin Pittman
5585 Bannergate Drive: William and Aleksandra Waterstreet
5595 Bannergate Drive: Adam and Connie Hill
305 Cantlegate Close: Edwin and Kathy Monroe
315 Cantlegate Close: Brett and Megan Giordano
335 Cantlegate Close: Bob and Susan Chiodo
345 Cantlegate Close: Julie and Tom Roberts
400 Chantenay Place: Mark and Michelle Meyer
410 Chantenay Place: Heidi Vogelhuber and Keith Ellis
415 Chantenay Place: Mike and Allison Horton
420 Chantenay Place: Rich and Karen Lockhart
425 Chantenay Place: Monty and Lynn Drumheller
435 Chantenay Place: Blake and Mary Thomas
440 Chantenay Place: Bruce Ahn and Helen Oh
450 Chantenay Place: Richard and Wendy Crawford
465 Chantenay Place: Mosi and Jan Pahz
475 Chantenay Place: Adam and Amy Pancake
200 Chessgate Court: Jerry and Laura Jackson
905 Circassian Court: Tom and Mary Beth Kloiber
910 Circassian Court: Yash Titus and Roopa Roy
915 Circassian Court: Russell and Janice Grizzle
920 Circassian Court: Manoj Chavan and Shital Jedhe
925 Circassian Court: Joon and Eun Song
930 Circassian Court: Rick and Karin Ranzau
510 Crossgate Trail: Paddie Rahimian
515 Crossgate Trail: Hank and Jamie Wiley
520 Crossgate Trail: Brandon and Alexis Baxter
525 Crossgate Trail: Dennis and Margy McLynn
530 Crossgate Trail: Heather Rice
535 Crossgate Trail: Andrew and Stacey Borsuk
520 Croydon Lane: Laeyoung Kim and Wonki Jung
530 Croydon Lane: Roger and Sunny Franklin
535 Croydon Lane: Jim and Amy Showfety
540 Croydon Lane: Cheryl and Jim Baker
545 Croydon Lane: Kevin and Denise Skrada
550 Croydon Lane: Dean and Arlene Petrie
560 Croydon Lane: Mahesh and Kavita Anand
565 Croydon Lane: Wayne and Caroline Buoni
570 Croydon Lane: Robert and Mary Doles
575 Croydon Lane: Aaron and Michelle Meyers
580 Croydon Lane: Jerry and Pat Schriver
585 Croydon Lane: Kyle and Haley Bohlman
590 Croydon Lane: Sean Zhang and Xiaona Qian
595 Croydon Lane: Samuel and Alyn Howard
600 Croydon Lane: Jonathan Song and Jieli Zhang
605 Croydon Lane: Sara and Chris Wakefield
615 Croydon Lane: Gemayel and Kerrisha Jean-Paul
620 Croydon Lane: Finn and Jenny Smith
625 Croydon Lane: Jason Aldridge
635 Croydon Lane: LeRoy and Brenda Farley
640 Croydon Lane: Greg and Beth Shonek
400 Cullingworth Drive: Dennis and Claire Ann Lacuzong
415 Cullingworth Drive: Brian Corday
420 Cullingworth Drive: Sanjay and Manju Shringarpure
425 Cullingworth Drive: Alan Kaplan and Susan Friedman-Kaplan
435 Cullingworth Drive: Ryan and Beth Spak
440 Cullingworth Drive: Michele and John Posa
445 Cullingworth Drive: Amar and Hayley Kadaba
215 Dapplegate Way: Doug and Tara Markott
220 Dapplegate Way: Michael and Kristen Franklin
225 Dapplegate Way: Philip and Yimei Lord
235 Dapplegate Way: Ben and Ginger Clopper
265 Dapplegate Way: Frances Callen
140 Fernly Park Drive: Tony and Judy Raymer
150 Fernly Park Drive: Kim and Chris Ingraham
160 Fernly Park Drive: Ali and Pary Arjomand
165 Fernly Park Drive: Lawrence and Sharleen Mancini
170 Fernly Park Drive: Sean and Rosa Kim
175 Fernly Park Drive: Matt and Shaun Childs
185 Fernly Park Drive: Michael and Kirsten Jones
195 Fernly Park Drive: Brian and Robin Johnsey
200 Fernly Park Drive: Zheng and Zhang Ming
205 Fernly Park Drive: Jeff and Ashley Mullins
210 Fernly Park Drive: William and Donna Moody
220 Fernly Park Drive: Jose Puente and Sikiu Yepes
225 Fernly Park Drive: Peter and Emily Lovelace
235 Fernly Park Drive: Jerry and Beth Van Riper
245 Fernly Park Drive: Alan and Kim Dunn
250 Fernly Park Drive: John Waymire and Patrick Jeffrey
255 Fernly Park Drive: Eric and Cynthia Weston
260 Fernly Park Drive: Lavanya and Uday Kotamarti
280 Fernly Park Drive: Bob and Sally English
300 Fernly Park Drive: Jeffrey and Carolyn Facteau
315 Fernly Park Drive: Damon and Gabrielle Mills
320 Fernly Park Drive: Philip and Stephanie Romm
330 Fernly Park Drive: William and Debra Wagner
335 Fernly Park Drive: Steve and Haiqi Carr
345 Fernly Park Drive: Thomas and Victoria Conway
360 Fernly Park Drive: Dale and Margaret Crook
100 Foalgarth Way: Kamil and Violetta Szczesny
105 Foalgarth Way: Steve and Linda Fontanelli
110 Foalgarth Way: Michael Gebauer and Eileen Wang
120 Foalgarth Way: William and Stephanie Mathewson
130 Foalgarth Way: Carl and Tracy Blunt
135 Foalgarth Way: Stephen and Tracy Arriola
145 Foalgarth Way: Brian and Annemarie MacFarland
150 Foalgarth Way: Brad and Anna Hedges
155 Foalgarth Way: Reg and Ann Carver
160 Foalgarth Way: Mark and Linda Faupel
165 Foalgarth Way: Yoon and Young Hur
200 Gaitskell Lane: Patrick and Karen Tortoriello
205 Gaitskell Lane: Jeff and Ashley Keim
210 Gaitskell Lane: Carl and Gwen Erhardt
215 Gaitskell Lane: Tony and Elana Vo
220 Gaitskell Lane: Nicholas and Lynne Dimopoulos
225 Gaitskell Lane: Jeno and Kimberley Marvel
230 Gaitskell Lane: Joe and Liz Marinelli
235 Gaitskell Lane: John Fam and Jenny Vu
240 Gaitskell Lane: Jack Wang and Sherry Lo
245 Gaitskell Lane: Matt Guler
250 Gaitskell Lane: Serge and Natasha Vaks
255 Gaitskell Lane: Yong Beom Kim and Jong Yun Eo
260 Gaitskell Lane: Arnold Britto and Vineeta Nair
265 Gaitskell Lane: Richard and Lauren Wood
270 Gaitskell Lane: Wade and Suzanne Gadreault
275 Gaitskell Lane: Dave and Elaine Kirschner
280 Gaitskell Lane: Andy and Pam Patel
100 Gingergate Court: Peter and Emily Kallos
115 Gingergate Court: Wally and Karin Lord
120 Gingergate Court: William and Dorothy Pittroff
125 Gingergate Court: Kristen and Matthew Vestal
130 Gingergate Court: John and Julie Eaton
135 Gingergate Court: Barb Hackman
145 Gingergate Court: Max and Lindsey Kallos
65 Idlegate Court: Sally and Frank Baumann
75 Idlegate Court: Scott and Abbie Gold
80 Idlegate Court: Jim and Phyllis Donovan
85 Idlegate Court: Jay and Lori Lipsitz
95 Idlegate Court: Aaron and Michelle Wynn
100 Idlegate Court: Kevin and Katie Pharr
105 Idlegate Court: Gary and Angela DeHart
110 Idlegate Court: Jacob and Jessica Willis
115 Idlegate Court: Marie and Ken Klaer
9770 Kennebec Way: Andy and Katie Vander Velde
9780 Kennebec Way: Dan and Lisa Brown
9790 Kennebec Way: BJ and Kara McClain
9805 Kennebec Way: Tucker and Bailey Oliver
9815 Kennebec Way: Steve and Joni Goldin
9820 Kennebec Way: Colin and Susan Stiles
9825 Kennebec Way: Jeff and Kathy Pomerantz
9830 Kennebec Way: Maricio and Maria Ordonez
9835 Kennebec Way: Michael and Cathy Moerchen
9840 Kennebec Way: Kevin and Mollie Ergle
9845 Kennebec Way: William and Adrianna Cumby
5235 Laithbank Lane: Brian and Kristine Reising
5245 Laithbank Lane: Mark and Sandra Reynolds
5250 Laithbank Lane: Frank and Jennifer Rombardo
5255 Laithbank Lane: Brian and Emily Collins
5260 Laithbank Lane: Andrew and Kelly White
5265 Laithbank Lane: Mark and Niki Comish
5270 Laithbank Lane: Craig and Susan Thorne
5275 Laithbank Lane: Fabiana and Michael Casella
5280 Laithbank Lane: Richard and Jennifer Gravely
5285 Laithbank Lane: Steven and Tamara Liles
5290 Laithbank Lane: Daniel and Karen Donatelli
5295 Laithbank Lane: Donald and Stephanie Smith
5305 Laithbank Lane: Marlé and Nico du Plessis
5310 Laithbank Lane: Michael and Lucy Gray
5315 Laithbank Lane: James (Jim) Dunn
5320 Laithbank Lane: Robert Webster and Christine Wienand
5345 Laithbank Lane: Jon and Veronica Duffie
5350 Laithbank Lane: Jean and Andy Roberts
5355 Laithbank Lane: Russ and Joan Compton
5360 Laithbank Lane: Mitch and Lori Srail
5365 Laithbank Lane: Michael and Karen Moriarty
5375 Laithbank Lane: Larry and Carrie Brown
5380 Laithbank Lane: John and Aimee Flores
5385 Laithbank Lane: Matt and Jess Rosenbalm
5390 Laithbank Lane: Kalin and Kim Robinson
5395 Laithbank Lane: Doug and Cara Vollberg
5400 Laithbank Lane: Adrian and Vicky Treverton
800 Mount Katahdin Trail: Brian and Holly Volpe
810 Mount Katahdin Trail: Ari and MariAnn Wajnberg
815 Mount Katahdin Trail: David and April Barranco
820 Mount Katahdin Trail: Brad and Laura Taylor
825 Mount Katahdin Trail: Eric and Wendy Blissett
830 Mount Katahdin Trail: Steven Kallos and Cristina Ruiz-Kallos
835 Mount Katahdin Trail: Richard and Kathy Ward
840 Mount Katahdin Trail: Pardeep and Anjalli Chauhan
845 Mount Katahdin Trail: John and Karen Gilmore
850 Mount Katahdin Trail: Abdul Riaz
860 Mount Katahdin Trail: Mickey and Linda Dixon
865 Mount Katahdin Trail: Adam and Katie Harrell
875 Mount Katahdin Trail: Lek Ariyavisitakul
880 Mount Katahdin Trail: David and Patricia Insardi
885 Mount Katahdin Trail: Jim and Shannon Edmondson
705 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Gary and Kelsea Laun
710 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Dustin and Nicole Blair
715 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Kaushik Iyengar and Vaishnavi Gomadam
720 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Bill and Debbie Williamson
725 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Nicole and Ravi Yarid
730 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Tray and Mamie Traynor
735 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: R. Patrick and Patricia Carey
740 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Michael and AnnMarie Press
745 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Sandy and Beth Greer
750 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Edward and Mary Jo Malowney
755 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Jim and Peggy Perry
760 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Craig and Lori Johnston
765 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Tony and Alicia Bonk
770 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Albert and Charlotte Lee
775 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Wolfgang and Carole Skudlarek
780 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Ben and Alissa Roberts
785 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Bill and Ellen McGann
790 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: Fan Fan and Wei Zhao
795 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: David and Ada Clough
820 Mount Oglethorpe Trail: John and Darien Johnson
300 Newington Court: Jason and Holly Mach
310 Newington Court: Aiping Huang and Guoyuan Chen
315 Newington Court: Olujimi and Rita Adefisan
320 Newington Court: John and Elisabeth Nguyen
325 Newington Court: Bindley and Melissa Sangster
330 Newington Court: Clifford and Jin Chen Kong
335 Newington Court: Hung Viet and Chi Nguyen Tran
350 Newington Court: Vince and Tia Taylor
355 Newington Court: Spencer and Nora Rozin
360 Newington Court: Chris and Kim Hoben
365 Newington Court: Jeff and Jill Hunter
2000 Pillargate Drive: Corinne Anthony-Manswell
2010 Pillargate Drive: Benjamin and Barbara Stubbs
2015 Pillargate Drive: Jake and Sara Paulk
105 Saint Lenords Court: Bob and Amy Hornsby
115 Saint Lenords Court: Cheryl and Henk Evers
1015 Thimblegate Court: Katharyn Bracewell
1025 Thimblegate Court: Amanda and Stephen Ready
1035 Thimblegate Court: Aaron and Alyson Horton
1045 Thimblegate Court: Valentin and Lidia Balanescu
1055 Thimblegate Court: Tim and Kathy Hogan
9800 Twingate Drive: Jeffery and Mary Lynn Huett
9825 Twingate Drive: Erin and Thomas Nichols
9830 Twingate Drive: Brian and Jana Mock
9850 Twingate Drive: Ernie and Regina Megazzini
9860 Twingate Drive: Larry Billits
9865 Twingate Drive: Jeffrey and Anna Dozier
9870 Twingate Drive: Richard and Kathy Beggs
9874 Twingate Drive: Hao Wu and Sophia (Yunxia) Zhu
9885 Twingate Drive: Daniel and Ashley Mondl
9895 Twingate Drive: Ron and Cindy Jacovetty
9905 Twingate Drive: Brook and Jeannine Sutherland
9910 Twingate Drive: Josh and Calley Willis
9930 Twingate Drive: Jody and Christina Dozier
9945 Twingate Drive: David and Colleen Scruggs
9950 Twingate Drive: Nancy Korzeniewski and Russell Zarzecki
9955 Twingate Drive: Barry Ford
9960 Twingate Drive: Vicky and Verdun Boshoff
9965 Twingate Drive: Martin Cliff and Carrie Garrett
9975 Twingate Drive: Greg and Kay Haney
9980 Twingate Drive: Ted and Nicole Pappas
9990 Twingate Drive: Bob and Paula Shlora
9995 Twingate Drive: Resident Current
10000 Twingate Drive: Lee and Allene Dunnam
10005 Twingate Drive: Amy and Chris Baker
10010 Twingate Drive: Richard and Sara Mcleod
10015 Twingate Drive: Charles and Adrienne Parker
10020 Twingate Drive: Lukus and Natalia Harvey
10030 Twingate Drive: Ron and Viola Kronen
10040 Twingate Drive: Pam Heydinger
10050 Twingate Drive: Tom and Linda Williams
10065 Twingate Drive: Mike and Lee Kidney
10075 Twingate Drive: Oliver and Robyn Lin-Justiniano
10100 Twingate Drive: David and Audrey Barrett
10110 Twingate Drive: Steven and Kristen Ferguson
10120 Twingate Drive: Sham and Aruna Navathe
10130 Twingate Drive: Robert and Isabelle Lindberg
10140 Twingate Drive: Nicholas and Jennifer Sally
10165 Twingate Drive: Nick and Lael Dye
10170 Twingate Drive: Mary Catherine and Phillip Parker
10175 Twingate Drive: Ed and Leora Waldner
10180 Twingate Drive: Evan and Debbie Vayhinger
10185 Twingate Drive: Hye Jin and Young Soo Kim
10190 Twingate Drive: Trung Luong and Tulie Le
10195 Twingate Drive: Hiroyuki and Maria Ines Nozawa
10200 Twingate Drive: Brooke and Campion Giannelli
10205 Twingate Drive: Alex and Rita Bailon
10210 Twingate Drive: Bill and Darlene Walton
10225 Twingate Drive: Craig and Jennifer Mallie
10230 Twingate Drive: Abram and Wendy Simon
10235 Twingate Drive: TJ and Olivia Yook
10240 Twingate Drive: Brian and Kathrine Goldberg
10245 Twingate Drive: Jonathan and Lauren Hill
10250 Twingate Drive: Surekha Shah
10260 Twingate Drive: David and Alicia Harrington
10265 Twingate Drive: Gerry Lewis and Colleen Curran
10275 Twingate Drive: Terry and Sharon Hall
10285 Twingate Drive: Walt and Connie Gula
10295 Twingate Drive: Yadong Zhang and Wei Liang
10300 Twingate Drive: Jay and Eliza Lin
10310 Twingate Drive: Sim and Janet Hitzel
10325 Twingate Drive: Eric and Scarlet Deahl
10345 Twingate Drive: Alex and Eleanor Estacio
605 Wintergate Court: Davis and Holly Smith
610 Wintergate Court: Charbel and Pamila Maalouf
620 Wintergate Court: Tricia and Davis Nall
625 Wintergate Court: Robert Jr and Betty Lingle
630 Wintergate Court: Andrew and Jill Feibus
635 Wintergate Court: Bill and Jann Roeder
640 Wintergate Court: LuRae Buchalski and Marva Rawlings
645 Wintergate Court: Gregory and Joy Sandifer
655 Wintergate Court: Craig and Michelle Belnap