The following picture shows the area of the fence that will be repaired (in green).  The sections of the fence marked in red will not be repaired as they are not visible from State Bridge and/or in an area that is very difficult to access.

The east side of the fence begins at "1". The first two sections of this fence are falling down because the second to last post rotted out at the bottom. All other posts appear to be in good condition. Repairing these two sections of fence will be expensive so they will be removed instead.


There are many finials on top of the posts that are rotten and many that are no longer on the fence. These will not be replaced.

The sections of fence between posts were "toe-nailed" to the post. Galvanized "L" brackets and screws will be used to re-secure these fence sections to the posts.


Approximate Costs:

1. Trim branches growing through and directly on top of the fence, remove ivy growing on fence, rake back debris from bottom of fence: $0 (community volunteers)

2. Material needed to repair fence:

  • Replacement boards (approx. 20 @ $8 each): $160
  • Screws (2 boxes at $25 each): $50
  • "L" brackets (50 at $0.50 each): $25

3. Labor to repair fence: $0 (community volunteers)

4. Power wash State Bridge side of fence: $2400

5. Stain (20 gallons at $30/gallon): $600

6. Labor to stain fence: $0 (community volunteers)

7. OPTIONAL: Airless sprayer rental to apply stain (2 day rental at $150/day): $300 (or we could use brushes/rollers for less money)

TOTAL COST: $3235 to $3535


Other pictures:

Ivy and debris at bottom of fence:

Inaccessible potion of fence (near "Harvest Info Tech" on picture above):